Lauren + Ryan - Engaged

You ever squee so hard, you pee yourself a little? Lauren, Ryan, and their cutie doggo, Callie, were far too f---ing cute for this giddy photog. We started in Smith Farm Hill, a glade near Westport, MA, and, foolish me, I thought this couple would need to warm up to the task, but Ryan flashed his blue eyes and Lauren gave me that pearly, beautiful smile and we were off! Before I knew it, we were all waste deep in the ocean at Horseneck Beach, the sky rife with that soft, post-thundershower glow. It was perfect and beautiful and I did pee a little. And now, you will all probably see these photos on my Instagram for awhile, especially leading up to September 12 next year at the Brook Meadow Country Club. CAN NOT WAIT! GAWWWWW!

Hugo - End of Life Session

Hugo’s story is the story of many dogs. He was an abandoned pitbull, labeled dog aggressive and as a problem dog. When in reality, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Hugo, needed guidance and he found what he need 5 years ago with his mom Linda. Her story is equally as heart breaking, finding herself divorced after 27 years of marriage at the Christmas season, Linda decided she needed a distraction and she began to foster Hugo. What was supposed to be temporary turned into an unbreakable bond and Linda adopted Hugo. Here they are 5 years later and Hugo has been diagnosed with bone cancer. His time is limited but Linda is determined to make sure he continues to live the best life. Yes, this story is sad, and yes, I left this session crying, but I the more I reflect on it, the more I see it as a good day. I got to spend time with Hugo and Linda, learn their story, walk around one of their favorite places and document one of their moments together. I am happy to be able to give Linda a gallery that captures Hugos true personality and that she can hold on to even after he has crossed the rainbow bridge.